Monthly Archives: November 2016

new/s/leak demo @ SPIEGEL

Now that we’re in the middle of new/s/leak’s home stretch, we had a final demo at SPIEGEL in Hamburg. After some exciting and productive development sprints, we proudly introduced the software to journalists, documentarists and software developers, who gave us the best feedback by playing around with the tool and becoming absorbed in using it. Some evidence:

We also collected some more systematic feedback, which helped us prioritizing the remaining tasks. Thanks to everyone who came along, played and gave feedback – we had a blast at the meeting, and we learned a lot!

If you also want to see what changed  in new/s/leak since we have shown it to an academic audience at ACL: here is the link to the demo (please use the Chrome Browser!)

For a quick introduction, you can also watch a video (from our academic publication @ VIP):

During the upcoming weeks until christmas, we’ll add some more requested features, fix some bugs, and create an easy-to-deliver software package. Stay tuned for a deployable version!